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Nourish Bowls

Nourish Bowls

Nourish Bowls are the weekly staple of a vegan diet. I think of them as “pretty food” that packs a nutrient punch. There is inspiration all over Instagram and your creativity knows no limits.

The trick is getting a good balance of nutrition, flavour and texture. I always have Quinoa or Rice pre cooked in my fridge. It is an essential part of weekly food prep and an easy base for lunch or dinner. Nourish Bowls are a three step process.Decide on your grain. While most grains are high protein, I always add something a little more protein dense, so Protein is step two. This is the time to add nuts, beans and legumes. Then add in green vegetables and often fruit. Often this is the pretty part of a bowl and I am a little addicted to colour so pomegranates often feature in mine.

When developing a Nourish bowl always  consider how it will look. Presentation helps make food more desirable. Even if you are only spoiling yourself this should always be a consideration. My vegan mantra is that food should look and taste delicious.

Go crazy with different textures! Crunchy nuts with wilted spinach, Juicy grapes with crisp lettuce and tempura tofu. Think spicy, pretty, crunchy, sweet all in one flavour hit and your nourish bowl will really hit the mark. There are so many fun ingredients on offer in the supermarket, so check out all the new seed mixes.  However, for the basics,  I have given an outline below to get you started.


– Salad leaf mix
–  Baby spinach
–  Sweet potato
–  Grated carrot
–  Fresh peas
–  Snow peas
–  Kale
–  Celery
–  Broccoli
–  Asparagus
–  Tomato
–  Cucumber
–  Bell peper
–  Chicory
–  Broccolini
–  Avocado
–  Sweet corn kernels
–  Grated apple
–  Peach slices
–  Green grapes
–  Blueberries
–  Raspberries
–  Strawberries


–  Pecans
–  Pistachio
–  Peanut
–  Macadamia
–  Cashew
–  Almond
–  Walnut
–  Hazelnut
–  Tofu
–  Oats
–  Hummus
–  Sunflower seeds
–  Pumpkin seeds
–  Chickpeas
–  Chia seeds
–  Butter beans
–  Beans
–  Soybeans
–  Mung beans
–  Green peas


– Rice
–  Chia
–  Quinoa
–  Buckwheat
–  Oats
–  Barley
–  Millet
–  Amaranth

These are just a sample of ingredient ideas. The list is endless and limited only by your imagination. There are also plenty of dressing options – you can use any of your favourite salad dressings. My go-to ones are below.


–  Coconut yoghurt mixed with sweet chilli
–  Coconut yoghurt mixed with Moroccan spice mix
–  Coconut yoghurt mixed with curry spice mix
–  Hummus (so many varieties or make your own)
–  Lemon juice, macadamia nut oil, seeded mustard
–  Guacamole

Simply mix a combination that suits your day.

Please note: None of the suggestions by GV are diet suggestions; they are simply inspiration. If you want to follow a vegan diet, then guidance from a nutritionist and your doctor is important before you begin.

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