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Vegan favorite bathing rituals

Bathing Rituals

We begin our lives immersed in water in safety and comfort of our mother’s womb. While our conscious mind has no memory of this, our subconscious, primal mind seeks the comfort of water immersion, particularly during anxious times, or when things all just get a little bit too much (we all have those days!).

Few things are able to melt away the day’s stress, or ease aching muscles, like submerging ourselves in a warm, beautifully scented bath. It’s a ritual that sees tension float away – from the mind, the body and the soul and it’s a vital part of self-care.

Our philosophy here at GV, is that self-care enables you to be more present and available to care for others, so it’s high up there in importance as a daily habit. Self-love generally creates more love in your life; it is a resounding message to the universe that you are absolutely worth caring for.

A tepid or warm bath is also a beautiful way to prepare your body for a healing night of deep, restful sleep. Baths offer a meditative space if you are taking time out on your own and they can be even yummier if you can share the space with someone you love – as a couple it’s an intimate time, a space to talk through your day, creating a beautiful ceremony that keeps a relationship connected and alive.

Set the Scene

Preparing your bathroom is part of the ritual and is paramount to creating that perfectly peaceful, relaxing space.

Here’s my checklist:

  • A clean and tidy bathroom
    It’s impossible to relax if there are empty shampoo bottles floating around, or old towels hung messily over racks.
  • Fresh flowers
    Potted orchids love the bathroom environment and last for months.
  • A scented candle
    This will provide a subtle fragrance as well as atmospheric light (a dimmer switch on your lights works well, too). Look for one with clean, warm notes, or soft florals like lavender, which will lull you into deep relaxation and enhance your sleep quality. GV loves Velvety Soy Candles Almond Milk Soy Candle, $24.
  • Relaxing background music.
    A quick search for ‘spa’ ormeditation’ music in iTunes comes up with more mellow music than you can listen to in your lifetime. You’ll quickly build a beautiful library!
  • Fluffy, clean towels.
    Have them easily at hand, close by the tub, so you don’t get a chill when you need to get out.

Make it Mask Time
Multi-task your bath by applying a skin-clearing or softening face mask. The steam from the bath will help open your pores to allow the ingredients to better penetrate, leaving your skin radiant.

A few vegan faves of GV are:

  • Eminence Organics Balancing Masque Duo, $92.
    Brilliant for balancing combinations skins, this two-tone mask clears up oily T-zones as it nurtures dry skin on the cheeks back to health.
  • Arbonne RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Masque, $103.

It offers mild exfoliation to improve skin tone and texture, leaving skin with an immediate glow. And, because it suits most skin types, it’s a great one to share if you’re bathing with your babe.

  • KORA Organics Hydrating Mask, $44.95.
    This formula infuses moisture deep within the epidermis to leave skin supple and illuminated.

Sprinkle in Salts
Beautiful bath salts are non-negotiable – they enhance the relaxation factor, help to ease aching muscles and have a softening, smoothing effect on the skin.

Our vegan favorite bathing rituals are:

  • Arbonne Rescue and Renew Soak, $53.00.
    This relaxing soak is rich in mineral salts and trace elements found in sea salt. It works on all skin types, delivering radiance with turmeric root, softening and relaxing benefits.
  • Aveda Stress-Fix Soaking Salts, $59.95.
    The name says it all, really … this mix of sugar and mineral rich salts contains organic ingredients, including French-sourced lavender to lull you into a state of bliss.

Erbavia Relax Bath Salts, $54.90.
With sea salts, nutrient-rich oils and a blissful blend of lavender, rose and neroli essential oils, this will calm the mind and soothe the body and soul.

Catherine Carr

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