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Taurine vegan diet


Vegan diets contain minimal taurine, an amino acid found in animal tissue. Taurine vegan diet is essential for healthy cardiovascular, muscular and nervous systems. It also plays an important role in liver health and detoxification. A diet low in taurine may mean the liver has a harder job of detoxifying (removing toxins from) the body, making you more prone to chemical sensitivities and allergies. Adults can produce taurine from the amino acids cysteine and methionine with the help of vitamin B6 and vitamin C. A vegan diet therefore needs to be meticulously planned, particularly for growing children and pregnant women, to avoid becoming nutritionally deficient.

The following foods contain the amino acids required to synthesise taurine in the body:

–  Soy
–  Quinoa
–  Buckwheat
–  Amaranth
–  Hemp seeds

Ensuring these foods are included in your diet will enable your body to produce taurine from the amino acids found in these foods.

With nutritionist Fiona Tuck

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