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San Churro

There is a perception that vegan is all about vegetables and good health but my philosophy on living vegan is just as much about living a joyful life.

Dessert is definitely on my joy list!

San Churro, a national chain of dessert bars, has developed a menu that is blissfully vegan friendly.

On the day that I visit their Glebe restaurant, the place is humming, mostly with uni students who, possibly, need a sugar fix to help with upcoming exams. The vibe is perfect: welcoming ambiance and upbeat music.

Every part of the San Churro menu – from shared plate entree to mouth-watering dessert – has a vegan option. Even little vegans have been catered for with a (‘Kids Churros’) delightfully interactive concoction of dipping chocolate, hot fried dough and multi-coloured sprinkles. Lots of fun!

If you are bringing up your child to have a kinder view of our world this is the place for heart-warming family desserts. The aptly named ‘Happy Vegan’ is just that: a beautiful crunchy hot churro bowl filled with vegan salted caramel and honeycomb gelato, dripping in drizzled dark chocolate, topped with fresh strawberries and smashed Oreo cookies. I absolutely did not share it, but promised myself that any extra hours at the gym would be worth every mouthful.

San Churro is the sort of place that could become a habit with take-away hot chocolates and late night desserts as an affordable winter indulgence. A case in point is the vegan almond milk hot chocolate, or as I refer to it “a cuddle in a cup”. More please.

Take it Home

  • Strawberries and Oreos together make everything taste better.
  • The dark chocolate frogs are vegan so take some home for a chocolate fix later on or as a treat for a friend.
  • The dark chocolate buds and the Spanish hot chocolate can be purchased to make your own desserts or mocha coffees.

Review by Catherine Carr

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