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Gently Vegan Contributors

The contributors at Gently Vegan are all experts in their field. They are not necessarily vegan; however they all have lifestyles that embrace more plant-based eating and a love of animals. The concept of this website is to embrace anyone making small lifestyle changes towards a kinder world. Any daily choice to eat a vegan meal, buy a cruelty free cosmetic or make any conscious choice that reduces animal suffering is a good choice.


Our contributors have advice that is helpful in living a vegan life. We also focus on maximising your own self-nurturing. To be able to give emotionally to others, you need firstly to support your own self-love. I see the vegan lifestyle as one grounded in love: self love, family love, animal love and planetary love. Our contributors have something to offer in all these areas.



After 30years of working in Australian media, Shonagh is one of Australia’s busiest and most in- demand beauty, health, travel and lifestyle writers. She contributes to many Australian and International titles, including Women’s Fitness, MAXIM, Good Health, Woman’s Day, The Australian Women’s Weekly, Body and Soul, Australian Journal of Pharmacy and many more…


As a health and lifestyle journalist and consultant, Shonagh has worked closely with international wellness experts and icons, including Dr. Sandra Cabot, Therese Kerr and Miranda Kerr. In other aspects of her work, she has travelled the world reviewing wellness retreats and luxe holiday destinations, and she has interviewed and written feature articles on some of the world’s best love celebrities, including Sting, Elle McPherson, Pamela Anderson, Simon Baker, Kylie Minogue, Gwen Stefani, Tina Arena, Heather Graham and many more.


She currently lives in the NSW Southern Highlands with her four dogs (three Siberian Huskies and one Maltese Cross), where she grows her own veggies and advocates ending Factory Farming and animal cruelty.

Nutritionist Fiona Tuck


Skin and Nutrition Expert, Yoga Teacher, Public Speaker


Fiona Tuck has over 25 years of experience in the health and wellness and is known as the ‘myth buster’ of the health industry. Fiona is not vegan; however, she does advocate for more plant-based eating. Her consultation with Gently Vegan is highly valued as a balanced approach to including more vegan choices in your life.


Fiona is a nutritional medicine practitioner, skincare expert, yoga teacher and an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Her in-depth knowledge and insight into future trends within the health industry has made her a sought-after expert. Using a customised strategy for each individual, Fiona specialises in diagnosing and correcting nutritional deficiencies to assist her clients on the road to improved health. Fiona is very well respected in her field of skincare and nutrition. Her clients include wellness brands, health coaches, celebrities and medical professionals.


Fiona has recently launched a supplement range with a focus on slow ageing. This range is vegan and you can learn more about Vita-Sol on the Vita-Sol website