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Juice Fasting

What’s the Fuss about Juice Fasting? Considering a juice cleanse? Here’s all you need to know before you take the cold-pressed plunge!

What exactly is a juice cleanse?

“It is period of time, usually from three to seven days, where you drink nothing but raw, fresh vegetable and/or fruit juice,” explains Catherine Craig, founder of Schkinny Maninny Juice Cleanses.

“It is fasting period where you don’t eat solid foods, or you have juice and broth, and it’s designed to give your digestive system a break and allow your body time to detoxify and reset its normal bodily functions, so they are all operating at their peak performance.”

Who should do a juice fast?

“Anyone can do a juice fast,” says Catherine. “If you are looking to kick start a healthier lifestyle, or feel like you’ve slacked off a bit in your healthy routine, you really reap myriad benefits. “If you’re looking to kick start weight loss or get yourself out of a sluggish phase, a juice cleanse can really help too, especially if your diet has been high in sugar, fat, alcohol or caffeine. “For some people, it is just a quick snap back to healthier life, because we all know how easy it is to fall into bad habits. But for a lot of people, it is a learning curve to educate themselves on the right foods to eat and a journey towards better nutrition.”

Who shouldn’t do a juice cleanse?

“Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and anyone with adrenal issues,” advises Catherine. The reason for this last point is that if the adrenal glands are fatigued, then fasting can weigh them down more as it triggers them to produce more adrenaline and cortisol.

How long until I feel amazing?

“Generally, most people feel OK on the first day,” says Catherine. “It’s a novelty and they are excited. Day Two is when you can expect headaches and lethargy, depending on what your diet has been like previously. If you are a coffee drinker, you’ve been consuming lots of processed foods, sugar or alcohol and the like, it will be worse. “By Day Three, you should feel things lighten and start feeling great. You’ll be sleeping better and you will feel more energised. If you keep going to Day Five and even Day Seven you can expect more heightened results.”

What about when I finish?

Don’t just start eating as before when your cleanse finishes. Ease into solids gradually, at first introducing light salads and small servings of lean protein like tofu, beans and lentils. “We recommend recipes and post-cleanse meal plans on our website” says Catherine, “but your post-cleanse behaviour also depends on what your objective was for doing the cleanse to begin with – was it weight loss, to reboot your body, etc.? In any case, we always suggest trying to stay away from meat and dairy as they are hard to digest, and also steer clear of gluten sugary foods.”

What about daily choices?

Nutritionist Stephanie Dobbins encourages adding a daily juice even if you don’t intend to do a whole day or week-long cleanse. “It’s important to include wholefoods into your regular diet. However, a green juice can contain up to one kilo or more of fresh produce, which will boost your nutrient intake for the whole day. Cold pressed juices also contain a rich amount of live enzymes to flood your system with vitamins and minerals.”

A few great tips …

– See your medical practitioner for a health check, including a Full Blood Count, to rule out any contraindications to the cleanse. Dobbins recommends getting professional advice on frequency and type of cleanse. “Everybody is different, so this depends on preference and current health status. It is best to speak with a nutritionist to discuss which cleanse is best for you”. Frequency? “In general, anything between twice per year or monthly is great”.

– Eliminate caffeine, sugar, alcohol, wheat and processed foods, no matter what juice cleanse you choose. Try to do this a few days prior to starting your cleanse, as it will make the transition a lot easier when you do begin detoxing.

– Start your cleanse on a weekend and get lots of sleep. You might feel tired and fatigued as the toxins flush from your system – the last thing you want is to feel that way at work.


Schkinny Maninny

One of the original juice cleanse companies, Schkinny Maninny was developed by founder Catherine Craig and a team of nutritionists, naturopaths and health professionals. Why? “Despite a love of exercise and a perpetually healthy diet, things weren’t peachy,” she admits. “Even a dedicated gluten and caffeine free diet, with tonnes of veggies and wholegrain foods couldn’t produce a perfect cellulite free, unbloated, jumping-out-of-bed disposition every day.” So, she gleaned her team and created the three to five-day cleanses that are delivered to your door. What began as a basic juice cleanse has now grown into several options of cleanse, from 5:2 programs to juice and soup cleanses and even juice and dinner cleanse.

Three Day Cleanse: $175.00 Schkinnymaninny.com.au

Pressed Juices

With a motto of “positively life changing” you’d expect some pretty amazing things from this cleanse. And that’s exactly what you’ll get. We especially love not just the juices but the super-cleansing ingredients on offer in two of the exclusive detox drinks – Black Lemonade and Pink Lemonade, which contain coconut charcoal and bentonite clay. These two amazing ingredients have a magnetic type action, which means they are able to bind to toxins and then be remove them from the body via regular metabolic processes.

Three Day Cleanse: $198.00 pressedjuice.com.au

Raw Food Hub

With four different cold pressed organic juice cleanses to opt for (from juice-beginners to seasoned pros), the unique twist here is that the juices are kept seasonal. If it doesn’t grow fresh here in Australia at the time, it’s not included. We think that’s pretty amazing. The team at Raw Hub can guide you on your journey. This is a very personalised service and their in-house nutritionist will advise on which cleanse is right for you. They will then follow up on your progress.

Three Day Juice Cleanse: $225.00 therawhub.com.au


Created in conjunction with an integrated medical doctor who specialises in functional food and medicine, a traditional Chinese doctor, and Ayurvedic doctor and a food nutritionist, this cold pressed organic juice cleanse comes with a twist – each flavour has been crafted under the guidance of ex-Tetsuya’s chef, Tristan Newman, so the juices are not just great for you, they’re delicious, too. Each bottle of juice contains half the recommended intake of fruit and veggies. There’s an array of cleanses to choose from, each ranging from three to five days and designed for those new to cleansing through to people who have been cleansing for years and want a truly super-reboot.

Three Day Juice Cleanse: $198.00 superfluid.me

Lucky You Juice Cleanse

Miranda Kerr and Osher Gunsberg are fans of this one to six-day choice of cleanses, which delivers three days of delicious cold pressed organic juices to your door.

Three Day Juice Cleanse: $225.00 luckyyoucleanse.com.au

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