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Vegan Mums

Inspiring Vegan Mums

In honour of Mothers everywhere, we have profiled some of our favourite Vegan Mums, who also happen to have incredible vegan online shops. Happy Shopping and Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mothers out there, of human and fur kids!


Melissa Hobbs, CO-Founder of The Vegan Company

49-year-old Melissa is Mum to daughters, Lotus, 12, and Clover, 10. A vegetarian for almost 20 years, Melissa became vegan several years ago and co-founded The Vegan Company in 2018.

Gently Vegan: What inspired your vegan journey?

MH: In my 20s, an RSPCA campaign highlighting intensive farming practices made me vegetarian literally overnight. realised that if I loved animals and I wouldn’t eat a cat or a dog, it made no sense to not extend that same love to a chicken, cow, lamb or pig. Looking back, committing to being vegetarian was the easiest decision I’ve ever made.

I found it more challenging transitioning from vegetarian to vegan (my love of chocolate didn’t help) and it took several attempts over many years. This is why I’m so understanding and accepting of others who struggle too.

It’s 100 times easier now than it was then – with all the food choices and recipes available now, including many of my favourites from Gently Vegan, I’m not limited as I once was.

GV: What is the intent behind your business?

MH: The Vegan Company is a digital go-to destination that aims to make vegan living stylish, desirable and accessible by connecting people with sustainable, cruelty-free, vegan fashion, beauty and feel-good news. The content hub is there to help promote change, while our retail shop curates sustainable, luxurious vegan fashion and beauty.

GV: Can you name a few items from your shop that you would love to be gifted this Mother’s Day, or indeed that you would buy for your own Mum?

MH: Waking up to a gorgeous cherry red ‘alligator’ Sans Beast wallet on Mother’s Day would make my day. My mum would love this too! This faux fur from Unreal Fur is so gorgeous – how can I resist? Plus, I know my daughters will be raiding my wardrobe and this will be a go-to for them too. I adore serums, so I would recommend Black Chicken Remedies, Love Your Face Serum.

GV: What is one truly special thing you hope happens for you this Mother’s Day?

MH: It’s already happened – last week my daughters told me that they want to commit to being vegetarian. On a bigger scale, I truly hope that people come to realise that the same love and protection we offer our domestic pets should be extended to all living beings.


Natalie Carey founder of bae Vegan Perfume

Natalie, aged 42, is mother to a beautiful 19-year-old daughter, Dallas. She has been vegan for four years and opened her fragrance business, bae (which is an acronym of Beautiful Animals Everywhere) in March 2018.

What inspired your vegan journey?

Natalie Carey: Footage on social media of the treatment of animals was the primary reason. It devastated me, once I opened my eyes and acknowledged the reality. Eating animals had never sat well with me but I ignored the uncomfortable feelings. Once the connection was made, I could not revert back to my previous life choices.

GV: What is the intent behind your business?

NC: We noticed a gap in the market for vegan and cruelty free perfumes that had a high end, designer feel. Many vegan perfumes are purely essential oil based and while very beautiful, it is almost impossible to replicate a department store aroma. It’s widely thought that perfumes are toxic and un-safe, but this isn’t always true, especially not in our case. All our fragrance ingredients are perfume grade, safe, phthalate free and comply with IFRA standards.

GV: Which fragrance from your collection would you love to be gifted this Mother’s Day, or indeed would buy for your own Mum?

NC: Our Vatsalya Perfume is meaningful, as Vatsalya means motherly love in Sanskrit . We chose this name to honour the bond that exists between all mothers and their children, human and animal. My fave perfume scent right now would have to be Persian Spice. It’s deep, heavy and very sensual.

GV: What is one truly special thing you hope happens for you this Mother’s Day?

NC: In full honesty, I don’t celebrate traditional hallmark days. But if I could have a pipe dream come true it would be for all animals to be free from suffering.


Jannifer Black from the V Spot

At age 49, Jannifer is mother to two girls, Rose, 13 and Eve, 7, and is fourth generation vegetarian but has been vegan for the past 26 years. She opened her online store, 14 years ago, when pregnant with her first daughter.

GV: What inspired your vegan journey?

JB: I essentially quit dairy in my teens because I realised it was the cause of my chronic asthma – I’ve been asthma free ever since! The real epiphany for me was learning that dairy milk was the natural food source for baby cows. Cows don’t just magically produce milk! Just like us, mama cows produce milk for their babies.

Yet, I continued to eat eggs until I educated myself on Australia’s egg industry. Once aware of the abhorrent cruelty chickens were being subjected to, I stopped consuming eggs immediately.

I have always counted myself lucky in that I was raised vegetarian, in the true sense of the word, from birth. Being fourth generation vegetarian, I understood the importance of my diet in not contributing to animal exploitation. When I made the decision to become vegan I analysed every aspect of my life. I read every ingredient on every product from food to skincare to clothing.

GV: What is the intent behind your business?

JB: Becoming vegan was initially all about the animals. But my concerns evolved into caring about our environment and led me to ask how the products I was buying were being made.

Veganism led me to becoming aware and compassionate for people, planet and animals. I had spent years searching the globe for truly clean beauty and fashion that was fair to those producing it. And as I was having to source from all around the globe, I had the idea of making effective, clean beauty and quality, eco fashion available in one place. Important also was to support and provide a platform to indie makers and designers that shared my values.

GV: Are there any items in your shop that you would love to be gifted for Mother’s Day, or indeed, you would give to your own mother?

JB: Any piece from the Purpose Jewellery collection, a company that provides freedom for young women escaping sex trafficking, in particular the Catalina range – a cascade of delicate leaves is both feminine and a statement. The Miakoda Robe is chic, comfy and a perfect capsule wardrobe piece, while Body+ Rose Quartz Body Oil by SkinOwl, is a rose ivory illuminating oil with keepsake rose quartz crystals. I love the Greenpoint 2-in-1 Backpack and Tote in all colours but I have my eye on Navy and Rose Gold!


GV: What is one truly special thing you hope happens for you this Mother’s Day?

JB: How do I say this without sounding trite…I am so grateful for my life that I actually wish nothing for me. But I hope that veganism continues to grow because with it I believe that people will care more about everything! I view apathy as such a curse in today’s world; it hinders our evolving into being better!


Julie Mathers, Founder and CEO Flora and Fauna

Julie is a first time Mum to son Woody, who is six weeks old, but also has plenty of fur babies, including four cats and a pig called Rosie. Her ‘first child’ the online store Flora & Fauna, opened in November 2014. Julie has been vegan for four years and vegetarian for many years prior to that.

G V: What inspired your vegan journey?

JM: I’ve always loved animals and don’t believe we need to hurt them in any way at all. Over the past few years I learnt more about animal welfare and the environment. I realised vegetarian wasn’t enough, that we all need to do more and make better choices. Education and awareness are key to helping people make better choices. I want to see our planet here for my children and grandchildren. If we don’t make a change our planet will be here, but we won’t.

GV: What is the intent behind your business?

JM: I wanted to create a business with purpose and values at its core, that uses its power for positive change. That is why we exist. It’s exciting and fun and we have helped so many people make better choices, which is our mission. Small changes collectively have a big impact. We’re a 100 per cent vegan and cruelty-free store and very proud of that. You don’t need to guess if a product is vegan, everything is.

GV: Are there any items in your shop that you would love to be gifted for Mother’s Day, or indeed, you would give to your own mother?

JM: We write notes on the box of every order so I would love a box with a handwritten note from Woody (so really, by Tom, my husband). I’d also love some some pampering treats, so a gorgeous face mask  and maybe a beautiful LaVanila perfume.

GV: What is one truly special thing you hope happens for you this Mother’s Day?

JM: It’s my first Mother’s Day so I would love to spend time with Woody and my husband Tom. Maybe I’ll get that first smile from Woody!


Katie Nott, Mum and Arbonne Independent Consultant

At 33, with three gorgeous kids – Pip 7, Bailey 4 and Toby 3, plus her own vegan cosmetics sales consulting business, Katie is a busy Mum. She’s been vegan for almost five years.

G V: What inspired your vegan journey?

KN: When Bailey was a few months old, he developed severe eczema, so I stopped eating or drinking dairy. It’s funny when I think back. I carried around almond milk to take to cafes, because so few had nut milk on the menu. So much has changed in the last four years alone. It’s so exciting!

Then in August 2017 I watched a short video on Facebook. I don’t actually remember the specifics, but it was about animals [being used as food]. I watched it and immediately messaged my husband to say that I was now vegan. I never again could or would consume a product that came from an animal.

My husband Matt is my biggest supporter and backs me in everything I do. This was no exception. I think on that night my level of awareness was raised to a point where I was able to ‘see’ what happens to animals for them to end up on our plates. I read somewhere that for some veganism is like an awakening. This was most definitely the case for me.

GV: What is the intent behind your business?

KN: In the beginning it was a way for me to not return to the 9-5, be at home with the kids and still be able to contribute financially to our household. I quickly realised that Arbonne is so much bigger than an individual or personal care products. I spend my days learning, growing and teaching. Becoming the very best version of yourself is an incredible by-product of this business. But having the honour of guiding people on their own journey is my absolute favourite part.

GV: Are there any items from Arbonne that you would love to be gifted for Mother’s Day, or indeed, you would give to your own mother?

Our Rescue and Renew Spa Detox range is perfect for pampering at home. Whether it be a calming bath soak, a hydrating face mask, pure essential oils or something in between this range has something special for all Mums. The Re9 Advanced Anti-aging skincare range is my absolute favourite.

Finally, I’d give the gift of our nutrition and join Mum to our Healthy Living Community in May or June. This community truly changed the path of my life and is what lead me to the Wholefood Plant Based lifestyle I live now.

GV: What is one truly special thing you hope happens for you this Mother’s Day?

KN: For me my perfect Mother’s Day is spent with my husband and kids, eating delicious food and enjoying each other’s company, hopefully outdoors. We’ll also visit my beautiful Mum, Oma, and my Mother-in-law too. I’ll also enjoy some ‘me’ time the day before or the day after. A massage, a facial or a yoga class are my go-to’s when I have a moment to myself.

Lifestyle and Beauty editor Shonagh Walker


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