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How to shop vegan on a budget

Budget Shopping

Rich Roll shows us how to shop vegan on a budget.

As one of the fittest men and most successful marathon athletes in the world, Rich Roll is also a best-selling author and highly sought-after motivational speaker. He also happens to be a dedicated vegan who loves to share easy ways to embrace a kinder lifestyle. Rich knows that budget can often be a prohibitive element in turning towards a plant-based diet, so here, he shares his top tips on shopping vegan without breaking the bank.

Stock up on Staples

These are the things that provide foundation for recipes and when you buy in bulk, you’ll save. Things like rice, black beans, lentils and quinoa can provide basis for broths, soups and a host of different recipes.

Be Picky with Produce

It pays to be smart about the source. Obviously, organic is the better choice, but certifications can drive prices up when you’re buying in supermarkets or retail outlets. Local farmer’s markets are usually abundant sources of organic produce and if you’re watching your budget, try engaging the vendor in conversation. You’ll be surprised by the amenability of local growers.

Buy from the Bargain Aisle

Fruit that’s a few days old, vegetables that aren’t visually appealing, or produce that’s close to its use-by date … they’re all still perfectly fine to eat. As a society, we place so much importance on the ‘perfect’ shape, size or colour, when that wonky carrot or misshaped melon has all the same nutrients (in fact, probably more) as the stuff that is styled to sell.

Shop Daily, Not Weekly

Apply this rule when shopping for fresh produce. If you only buy what you need to eat that day, rather than that week, you will spare food wastage and ultimately save money.

Embrace Simplicity

Not every meal has to be extravagant. Sweet potatoes are tasty, nutrient-rich and really versatile. They’re also really affordable. Look for interesting but simple recipes with whole foods like this and you’ll delight your taste buds as well as spare your spending.

Re-evaluate your shopping choices

While higher quality food might initially be a bit more expensive, perhaps you can re-jig your budget to allocate money towards healthier choices and let go of things that aren’t so healthy for you? To see Rich Roll shop up a vegan storm for under $25:

Editors Note: This pod cast does feature USA stores so the price differential in Australia does apply, possibly closer to A$35.00. However the principal concept is solid. Vegan can be affordable, in fact even possibly cheaper than meat eating meal plans. It’s all about how you shop. It’s a cute pod cast so take a look.






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