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When it comes to keeping the skin on your face and body soft, supple and beautifully hydrated, you can’t beat vegan beauty oils, says Gently Vegan’s Beauty and Lifestyle Director, Shonagh Walker.

I believe that beauty oils are the magic elixirs of skin care. Similar in composition to the sebum that is naturally occurring in our bodies, they have a biological affinity with our skin and as such are thought to be super effective at delivering active ingredients to target any skin care issues we may be experiencing.

Another bonus, I find there’s something quite ritualistic and pampering about massaging oil into your skin. It allows you to check in thoroughly with your body, getting to know its curves and edges and indeed gives you a chance to discover areas where muscles might be tender or in need of relaxation, or if there are any unusual lumps and bumps where they shouldn’t be (this last point is really important – especially in the breast and underarm areas).

Oils, when they are pure, natural and/or organic, are also usually better for our health, as they are generally not as processed as some other forms of skin care and typically contain no artificial ingredients. And when they are infused with pure essential oils, they can also have an incredibly therapeutic impact on our mood and energy levels.

I chatted to Joanna Tilocca, the creator and founder of Australian-made, all natural and vegan skin care company, Zuanna (www.zuanna.com.au) about this. She said:

“Oils provide both concentrated nutrients while eliminating unnecessary ingredients like fillers and binders that really serve no purpose for the skin. You are getting the phyto-nutrients and the Omegas from the plant-based oils, which is what our skin really wants and needs.”

The Zuanna range is heaven. It features three luxurious facial oils, each specifically formulated to target a different skin complaint. These include:

Flawless Elixir Naturally Tinted Facial Oil, $66, which aims to address uneven skin tone and texture, pigmentation, ageing skin and acne. It uses a base of argan oil to carry active ingredients of seabuckthorn, sunflower oil and stimulating rosemary essential oil to the epidermis. The tint in this oil comes naturally from the seabuckthorn oil, which is derived from a berry, and Buriti Fruit Oil, which is another dark plant-based oil that originates in Brazil.

Then there’s Hydro Balance Facial Oil, $58, which is as its name suggests, caters to combination and acne prone skin types. It has a base of sunflower and marula oils, which delivers balancing prickly pear, kiwi fruit oil, chia oil and essential oils of rosemary, ylang ylang, and Manuka oils (from the flower, not honey). This formula is stabilising as well as purifying and helps to promote cell turnover while restoring the skin’s healthy glow.

Finally, Moisture Boost Facial Oil, $62, quenches thirsty, dry and more mature skins. With macadamia, rosehip, acai, sunflower and apricot kernel oils as its base, active ingredients include rosemary leaf and essential oils of frankincense, geranium and bergamot.

Sukin is another Aussie-made brand that I love. It’s more affordable than most and is vegan and cruelty-free sukin.com.au. Its Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, from $17.95, contains plant-based fatty acids to support and protect cell membranes, vitamin E to nurture and guard the skin, beta-carotene and the potent anti-ageing antioxidant, Lycopene. While all skin types can use it, dry and sensitive skin will really drink it in.

Venustus is a Sydney-based family company that prides itself on its Cruelty-Free Certification and plant-based serums and oils (www.venustus.com.au). Founder, owner and product-developer, Jeannie Bourke says, “serums and oils are deep reaching and can have the ability to penetrate the skin deeper. I always advise that people apply them both morning and night, in the shower while it’s still steamy and your skin is more receptive. Gently pat dry once you hop out and the hydration will be locked in”.

There are five body serums in the Venustus range, each targeted to your varying needs, and I love them all so much that I can never decide between them.

Ready Set Go, $59, blends citrus oils with eucalyptus and geranium to give fast-paced folk and extra pep.

Belief, $59, uses lavender and German chamomile to bring a sense of calm as it hydrates the skin.  blends organic mandarin and neroli oils and is formulated for pregnancy (after the first trimester) to bring calm and induce relaxation.

Stress Level 2 Body, $59, nurtures frazzled minds with Palma Rosa, bergamot, grapefruit, lavender, geranium, and rosemary essential oils.

Cellulite Eliminator Body Serum, $99, employs grapefruit, geranium, ginger, rosemary, menthol, juniper and cypress to stimulate lymphatic drainage and helps suppress the onset of cellulite.

Another favourite of mine is Vanessa Megan (www.vanessamegan.com), created by a Sydney-based beauty, who firmly believes, “you should never put anything on your skin you wouldn’t eat.”

Vanessa’s Nature Elixir Face Oil (N.E.O), $159.95, is an intensely nourishing and strengthening formula that helps to replenish the skin. It’s brimming with vitamins (A, E, P and K) and certified organic rosemary, lemongrass and vetiver essential oils help to improve skin tone and refine the appearance of pores.

The Divine Company (thedivinecompany.com.au) offers a truly stunning facial oil – Divine Woman Miracle Oil Serum, $74.95, which is certified organic, vegan a cruelty-free. The plant-based oil is rich in anti-ageing vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids and minerals, to help accelerate cellular renewal and skin repair and ward off aggressors that lead to skin stress, inflammation and premature ageing.

Everyone’s favourite, Arbonne, has a beautiful new Rescue and Renew Detox Oil, $50 (Arbonne.com) that contains grapeseed oil to support collagen and skin firmness. Sesame seed oil hydrates and address dimpled skin. With stimulating and purifying essential oils of eucalyptus and lemon, it has a beautifully uplifting scent, which makes it the perfect oil to apply after showering each morning.

Esse (www.esseskincare.com) is a luxury skin care brand that’s new to Australia. It is certified organic, vegan and cruelty free and has offered up the world’s first live Probiotic Serum, $172, because they’re great for your skin, as well as your gut. The probiotics sit in a base of jojoba seed and sesame seed oils, as well as shea butter and Marula oil amongst other nurturing ingredients. As the serum makes contact with your face, the moisture naturally present in your skin activates one billion live probiotics per millimetre. This helps to create the ideal micro biome to deliver a healthy, glowing complexion.

Last, but not certainly not least, GV’s founder and publisher, Catherine Carr, is a devotee of luxe Australian-made skin care brand MV Organics, in particular its Rose Plus Booster, $110 (www.mvskincare.com). Multi-award winning, this beautiful oil helps to balance, strengthen and protect skin, as well as calms redness and sensitivity. Aside from it drenching skin in quickly absorbed moisture, it also works to de-stress your mind, thanks to hero ingredients rose and geranium oils. While they work wonders on nurturing stressed skin, they also have the most clean and comforting scents, which will evoke a sense of calm upon application, as every good oil should.


Beauty and Lifestyle Director Shonagh Walker

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